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You can drive through a lot of business parks and see buildings designed by HPA. It’s easy to drive by and get a sense of the architecture we create for our clients. But those buildings you drive by have interiors that we have designed as well.

The interior of a building is really where our clients, or perhaps their customers, spend all their time. The productivity and comfort of a space is a consequence of the interior design as well as the architecture. In an interior the textures, colors, furniture, lighting, and artwork all combine to create a place that can delight occupants, that can encourage productivity, that can inspire innovation and that create real value for the owners and users of their buildings.

At HPA we have been creating interior spaces for our clients since 1980, just as long as we have been creating buildings to house them. Each of our interiors reflects the unique culture and personality of our clients. They spend thousands of hours in them each year and we see our task as creating an environment that continually refreshes them,  that they continue to look forward to every week day morning.


WE ARE an interior design studio based out of HPA Headquarters located in Irvine, California. Bridging the gape between architecture & visual arts, we pursue design with intent. Always looking at the bigger picture in every situation, while considering all the little details.