History behind HPA Architecture

Although the name and ideals remain the same, the next generation of ownership has taken on the challenge of the continued growth of HPA, Inc. All the pieces have been in place for over the past decade now. The path was put in motion and now we are set to prove once again why so many companies have chosen HPA, Inc., to help them with their projects. Where HPA, Inc., differentiates itself from our competition is the drive and motivation of each individual working as a collective to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.

The founding partners, Dennis Hill and Byron Pinckert, believed that there was always more than just lines on a piece of paper and concrete on the ground when it came to tilt-ups. They embarked on their journey to deliver a “new” generation of thinking and ideals when it came to design and construction. Once word got out about these new techniques, the clients began to call and inquire about these methods. What they found out was that they not only knew what they were talking about, but they also knew how to back it up.

Today, these ideals and techniques have been passed onto the new generation of HPA, Inc. Although, the names have changed, Yong Nam, Susan Littlefield and Bob Jacob continue to work with those same founding core values that were established over 30 years ago. The name HPA, Inc., no longer stands for just Hill Pinckert Architects . . .Today it stands for quality, trust, integrity and most importantly, “Partnerships,” for a new generation of clients.

The Founders

Dennis Hill

Byron Pinckert

Coming from diverse backgrounds, Dennis Hill and Byron Pinckert established HPA in March of 1980 with a common philosophy of offering the highest levels of service and design excellence through a team player approach.  This philosophy has helped HPA flurish into an industry leader in Industrial Design.   These Gentleman prided themselves in creating long-term relationships with all our clients and we have continued this level of service throughout the years.   We are very greatful to this initial team for setting such high standards to follow and will help us continue to grow and expand our service and value that you can expect from HPA.